A wave that upsets the big bass.

The head shaker produced by Kenta Onishi is a shad tail worm with extremely high bite inducing power as well as strong fish collecting power. As the name suggests, Onishi's strong commitment is a unique movement in which the entire body bends while shaking the head. Not only the tail but also the appealing power of the water pushing on the side of the body and the realism reminiscent of swimming of baitfish, inviting the bus and bringing it to the bite.

In addition, the action is stable even in ultra-slow retrieve with no sinker, and it maintains a stable swimming posture even in fast winding. Its ability to handle a wide range of retrieve speeds allows for flexible range control on weighted hook rigs and swimming jig trailers. Especially the combination with glass ripper is the best match. Creates a luscious swimming action that makes use of the characteristics of each other's lures.

There is no shortage of achievements in the field test. He showed me the destructive power that I couldn't tell how many times the big bass came and flew from that direction. Head shaker. Waves that obviously upset the big bass. An intense strike is waiting for you.

Details and features

  • ① tail
    A shad tail that focuses on the shape, thickness and angle of the joint as well as the tail body. With the setting to receive the water firmly, it is easy to flow to the left and right backwards, so it can move quickly even with a slight water flow at the time of super slow retrieval, and swim stably without being disturbed even with fast winding. In addition, the power is efficiently transmitted from the body to the head, creating a characteristic head wobbling action.
  • ② Side cup
    Intense waves are generated by grabbing water and pushing it out on the entire side of the body, which is slightly inwardly close to the flat side, and in the front of the side of the body reminiscent of a popper cup. The appeal by head wobbling is further amplified.
  • ③ Back slit & belly slit
    The slit on the back, which is a guide when setting the worm hook, has a rib inside the slit to hide the hook point and make it easier to set. The ventral slit deeper than the back contributes to an improved hooking rate.
  • マ ー カ ー Marker for glass ripper
    When setting on the glass ripper , the best position to pull out the hook is marked. (5 inch only)


  • Κατασκευαστής: EVER GREEN
  • Κωδικός Προϊόντος: EVERGREEN HEAD SHAKER 5''
  • Διαθεσιμότητα: Διαθέσιμο
  • 13,00€

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