It generates bite both by swimming and falling

So far of Shad tail worm of Texas no weight rig acts lively by just retrieving, but if you stop retrieving it sinks with no action.

In other words, the instant you stop retrieving it loses power to generate bite. That is the weak point.

But, DOLIVE SHAD is different!

Now that it has acquired new action to swim voluntarily even when it falls, the weak point turned to be bite chances.

It falls with shaking its body and flapping its tail just like bait fish heading for bottom voluntarily.

You cast DOLIVE SHAD beside the cover and wait for fall-bite. If nothing happens, you can retrieve DOLIVE SHAD and tempt the chasing bass with fall action.

With this action it became possible to make the bass bite while DOLIVE SHAD falls. You can catch the fish you were not able to catch by just retrieving.

Moreover, it swings its tail firmly even when it is retrieved dead slow, but it swims very solid by fast retrieve and creates fascinating sound by buzzing.

DOLIVE SHAD is the one and only bait which you can generate bite by your own technique and direction.

4 inch model. Both fall and simple retrieve are effective.

The “ Do-Live Shad” series has been proven throughout the country since its launch in 2014 with one and only concept and the ability to catch bass. And this time new size 4 inch is coming. The size of 4 inch is essential in any field and season and it is good for almost all rigs like weightless, texas rig, jighead, weighted hook, Carolina rig, trailer for jig. The action of The “Do-Live Shad” series differs depends on each size. 4 inch has succeeded The DNA of original “Do-Live Shad”. It has the ability of both enticing bass and catching bass with not only voluntary fall action but buzzing and simple slow retrieve. And it creates high pitch wobbling and rolling action. . The “ Do-Live Shad” is not born just to fill the gap between 35 inch and 4.5 inch. It is super practical size to complete the shad tail strategy .


DOLIVE SHAD has rib in the slit. At first, you bury hook point in the rib, and when the rib is ripped you can bury hook point at the bottom of slit. Thus you can use this bait many times.

Recommended rig (4.5 inc)

・No weight rig
Wobble and roll action by normal retrieve.DOLIVE SHAD makes steady action by slow retrieve and creates fascinating sound and splash by fast retrieve buzzing.It acquired voluntarily action when it falls, so combined technique of swim & fall becomes effective.

・Texas rig
It shows firm action shaking body and tail by free fall or slow retrieve with light weight like 1.8g. Not only sideway swimming but vertical falling like cover fishing is also effective.

・As a rubber jig trailer
It imitates the swimming of bait fish with high pitch tail action naturally. Especially, it performs best with swimming rubber jig and football jig.

・As a trailer for Bladed Swim Jig
With the vibration of blade jig and high pitch tail action of DOLIVE SHAD, entire body moves vigorously. That high appeal power gathers fish overwhelmingly.

Hook size recommended: offset 4/0~5/0(FINA・T.N.S OFFSET recommended)

Recommended rig(3.5 inc)

No weight rig, light texas rig, Jig head rig, Jig trailer, Carolina rig

Hook size recommended: wide gap offset hook 1/0


Μήκος (mm) 88.9
Μήκος (in.) 3,5''


  • Κατασκευαστής: OSP
  • Κωδικός Προϊόντος: OSP DOLIVE STICK SHAD 3,5''
  • Διαθεσιμότητα: Διαθέσιμο
  • 12,00€

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